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Trader Screen Stock & Commodity

Options Advisory Service






Trader Screen has been heavily involved in the

Commodity and Stock Markets

since 1994.



The Financial Instruments that we use most often are:


               -Commodity Options and Commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)


               -Stock Options and Stock Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)



The ETF market has grown substantially in the last 10 or so years and enable

smaller investors to have the capability of "trading with the big boys", while diversifying risk and minimizing fees / commissions.



Refer to: "Why Trade ETF's?" page for details.


In order to minimize commissions on options and ETF's,

we only trade online using top Brokerage Firms



Utilizing price charts and several very powerful Technical indicators

80% of the time 

(stochastics, RSI, ADX to name a few)





Fundamental analysis (News reports, Commitment of Traders net positions, etc.)

 20% of the time


Trader Screen is committed to providing timely trade recommendations both:

    for initiating trades and liquidating trades



For More Details, Please Visit:

Over the years, so many have asked:

How do you know that analyzing the charts will continue to work

year after year?

The Simple Answer:

 Price Charts are a reflection of Human Nature / Mass Psychology

The same market patterns will continue to be valid

as long as Human Nature remains the same -

in other words:



  Incredible Changes Taking Shape


         Due to the falling US Dollar and the falling US Bond Prices:


             The savvy investor can still make

           large amounts of money

           with Inverse Exchange Traded Funds


          ETF's are a relatively new

          Financial Instrument

         that enable even smaller investors

       to trade the markets like the

         Large Funds.



                Look at the Dollar from 2001 to 2010:




See: "Demise of the Dollar" Page for details


The dollar has already surrendered fully a third of its value relative to other world currencies in just a half-dozen years. This and other facts lead inescapably to the conclusion that Western economies and markets will shrivel relative to those of ascendant countries in Asia.


A massive, catastrophic dumping of the devaluing U.S. dollar looms large
like a dagger over our heads.




Take a look at the following chart of the U.S. monetary base:



The US went from approximately $300 billion in 1990

to over $2 trillion in 2010!!!


 This will cause a massive devaluation of the US Dollar


Send future Inflation to levels

that make the late 1970s & early 1980s look "tame" by comparison!


See: "Why Worry About Inflation" Page for details

For More Details, Please Visit: